Haven't been able to post recently due to the fact that my charger is a bum. Anyways, I'm staying over at Colin's house to spend time with him and Miss. Tasha. It's been too long, and I look forward to the next couple of days :)
Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to get my schedule changed, so here it is. I guess it isn't that bad.

World Studies~ Reynolds
Advanced Video Production~ Duncan
Honors English~ Rhodes
Algebra 2~ Klumph
Geometry~ Dias
I had my girls night with Tasha, and it was great. We watched The Notebook, and Babes in Toyland. I also showed her an episode of my favorite show, The Mighty Boosh. We had some really good conversations, and I feel totally comfortable in saying that I think of her a really close friend. Also, she helped me to take my first big step in gaining some confidence; She had me wear a bikini top while swimming yesterday.
    In other news, my mom came home with an abandoned bunny yesterday, and he's all mine now :) I call him Little Richard.
Today I received my school schedule for the upcoming trimester, and I was disgusted. I'm going back in tomorrow to get it changed. The main problem is that I'll be taking two math classes this year, Geometry and Algebra 2. But my schedule had me set up for Algebra 2 before Geometry, which is absurd because I need to know Geometry before I can learn Algebra 2. Anyways, I was peeved and in a bad mood when I went to Safeway to buy popcorn and soda for my girls night with Tasha tomorrow. I went up to a register and the cashier and I exchanged hellos. Then I asked him how his day was. He then asked if I had a Safeway card, and I said I didn't. Because I'd asked him how his day was, he took an unused card, scanned it, and took a dollar off of my purchase. I don't know why the gesture made me so happy, but it did. I also finished my fireplace in Minecraft, so today is now a good day :)
After an extremely long break from Minecraft, two of my friends have gotten me back into it. I've been working on my world practically nonstop ever since last night, and compared to what it was before, it's changed dramatically. Here's a sneak peek of the exterior :)