I haven't been posting anything recently because my internet has been a butthead, but I have a cool update :) I'm dogsitting for my AVP teacher, Mr. Duncan, for the next few days. I'm getting paid for something I would have done for free(his German Shepard, Shadow, is so sweet. So not only is that cool, but I have the next few days completely to myself and to the dog and cat. I can go on walks or hikes whenever I want to, and the beach is right down the road. It's sort of like a little vacation for me :) Plus, the internet is super fast and reliable.
Recently I've been getting really annoyed with my hair always falling in front of my eyes, so although the last time I attempted this was a disaster, I decided to cut my own bangs. I don't think it looks too horrible, results?

Cutting my bangs made me want to chop off all of my hair again, and I'm debating between doing that or continuing to grow out my hair so I can get the A-line I've been wanting since last summer. Thoughts?

Anyways, today I practiced my duo for the first time today with my partner, Zach. I think our piece has a lot of potential, we just need to nail the accents. Here's my favorite line from our duo:
"...It is too simple.
Life, if it's like anything at all,
is like an avalanche.
To blame the little ball of snow that starts it all,
to say it is the cause,
is just as true as it is meaningless."
~Eleanor of Aquitaine
Last night was a fundraiser for the AVP kids to go to a five-day conference in Seattle in March.We hosted a dance, and although I usually despise dances with a burning passion, I actually had a lot of fun at this one. Before the dance started, we all rocked out to some music. Dancing with Tasha and Sabrina was pretty darn fun. Then I had to be the money-taker, which was a lot of fun too. It was interesting to see all the different faces entering the dance. Our bouncer was pretty silly too :p There weren't a whole lot of people who showed up, but I think we still made a good start for our conference fund :)