Today is Alexes's 16th birthday, and to mark the occasion, she decided to get her eyebrow pierced. I'm was freaking out more than she was :p It only took about thirty seconds to put in the actual piercing, and it looks really good on her. However, due the way she kept saying "Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod", I'm suddenly very glad that I never went through with getting that snakebite piercing I wanted for so long. Happy birthday Alexes! :)

P.S. She has the cutest puppy ever. Observe.

I've written a speech in an attempt to win a free trip to New York. One of my speech and debate coaches, Brett, approached me about the competition a couple weeks ago. I'm only competing against about a dozen other students, all from within my county. The topic of the speech is how the UN is having a positive affect on today's youth. If I get first place then I get an all-expense-paid trip to New York. Plane tickets, hotel room, food-- everything. I have to present this speech on December 1st. This would be a wonderful opportunity due to the fact that I want to go to New York Film Academy. Wish me luck :)
I haven't posted in a long time and a bunch of stuff has happened. First of all, I chopped off all my hair, as you can see on my homepage. Second of all, I had my first speech&debate tournament a couple of weeks ago and made it to finals with my impromptu. I'm also in a play and I have a lot of lines and stage directions I have to learn. Oh, and I'm entering a film contest with my buddy Colin. I'll try to post more often!