Today is Alexes's 16th birthday, and to mark the occasion, she decided to get her eyebrow pierced. I'm was freaking out more than she was :p It only took about thirty seconds to put in the actual piercing, and it looks really good on her. However, due the way she kept saying "Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod", I'm suddenly very glad that I never went through with getting that snakebite piercing I wanted for so long. Happy birthday Alexes! :)

P.S. She has the cutest puppy ever. Observe.

I've written a speech in an attempt to win a free trip to New York. One of my speech and debate coaches, Brett, approached me about the competition a couple weeks ago. I'm only competing against about a dozen other students, all from within my county. The topic of the speech is how the UN is having a positive affect on today's youth. If I get first place then I get an all-expense-paid trip to New York. Plane tickets, hotel room, food-- everything. I have to present this speech on December 1st. This would be a wonderful opportunity due to the fact that I want to go to New York Film Academy. Wish me luck :)
I haven't posted in a long time and a bunch of stuff has happened. First of all, I chopped off all my hair, as you can see on my homepage. Second of all, I had my first speech&debate tournament a couple of weeks ago and made it to finals with my impromptu. I'm also in a play and I have a lot of lines and stage directions I have to learn. Oh, and I'm entering a film contest with my buddy Colin. I'll try to post more often!
I haven't been posting anything recently because my internet has been a butthead, but I have a cool update :) I'm dogsitting for my AVP teacher, Mr. Duncan, for the next few days. I'm getting paid for something I would have done for free(his German Shepard, Shadow, is so sweet. So not only is that cool, but I have the next few days completely to myself and to the dog and cat. I can go on walks or hikes whenever I want to, and the beach is right down the road. It's sort of like a little vacation for me :) Plus, the internet is super fast and reliable.
Recently I've been getting really annoyed with my hair always falling in front of my eyes, so although the last time I attempted this was a disaster, I decided to cut my own bangs. I don't think it looks too horrible, results?

Cutting my bangs made me want to chop off all of my hair again, and I'm debating between doing that or continuing to grow out my hair so I can get the A-line I've been wanting since last summer. Thoughts?

Anyways, today I practiced my duo for the first time today with my partner, Zach. I think our piece has a lot of potential, we just need to nail the accents. Here's my favorite line from our duo:
"...It is too simple.
Life, if it's like anything at all,
is like an avalanche.
To blame the little ball of snow that starts it all,
to say it is the cause,
is just as true as it is meaningless."
~Eleanor of Aquitaine
Last night was a fundraiser for the AVP kids to go to a five-day conference in Seattle in March.We hosted a dance, and although I usually despise dances with a burning passion, I actually had a lot of fun at this one. Before the dance started, we all rocked out to some music. Dancing with Tasha and Sabrina was pretty darn fun. Then I had to be the money-taker, which was a lot of fun too. It was interesting to see all the different faces entering the dance. Our bouncer was pretty silly too :p There weren't a whole lot of people who showed up, but I think we still made a good start for our conference fund :)

Due to the beta-testers flooding the site, the general access date has been pushed back to the end of October. You can keep up with all updates and feedback by visiting the Pottermore Insider here: Also, I'm going to fill you guys in with more details about the site.
    When you first create your account and have access to the site, you'll go to your Pottermore profile. Towards the top of the page, there's a bunch of dots and a few different symbols. These represent the seven different Harry Potter books and the chapters with in. You'll need to explore each chapter to collect items for your trunk, and you can also collect Wizards Cards. You don't get a wand until about Chapter Three, but it's totally worth the wait. You'll be given a series of questions, and then your wand will choose you. If you unlock the exclusive content, you'll be able to find out what the different parts of your wand say about your personality. You'll be sorted into your house the same way; and I'll warn you right now, there are some hard questions on that quiz. It's not like it tests your knowledge, but the questions themselves are just questions you wouldn't normally be asked, so they're really hard to answer.
    I won't go into any more detail, but I will say that you can brew potions and duel other wizards to earn house points and help your house win the cup.
    Hope you're excited for the site, I think anyone who joins will find it really interesting :)
Last night I got my beta-tester welcome email from Pottermore, which I've been waiting for for months.Exploring around the site, I was really disappointed at first. But as I progressed through the chapters I started to get into it. Being chosen by my wand(A Redwood 12.5 inch with a Phoenix feather core ;D) and sorted into my house(Ravenclaw) was really fun and interesting. I'm sure everyone joining the site next month will be very impressed with all the work that's been done.
As of right now, I am completely caught up in all the work I missed while away in D.C.. I've been at it since ten this morning, took a break at noon to go driving with my grandfather(he said I did really well, we're both now comfortable with me operating a motorized non-stick shift vehicle)then went right back to work. Then I took a two hour break to to play the Sims 3, and then I went to work again. Not including break/meal times, I have put in 13 hours of my day to get caught up on geometry and algebra 2 homework. I never, ever, want to miss a week of school again. Ever. Except for during my senior year when I'm hoping to be an outdoor school counselor.

When you leave a comment on my blog posts, please include your name so I know who you are. Thanks :)
Prepare to have your mind blown: Today I wore a dress.

After school today, I went to the veterinary hospital and turned in my application. Only a half hour later, I received a phone call from the woman who would be hiring me, asking if I could come in tomorrow for an interview. I'm really excited about this, because it means I'm one step closer to getting this job. Wish me luck tomorrow :)

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