Today was my first day back at school, and it was amazing. I love all of my classes, not necessarily because of the subjects, but because of the teachers. Mr. Reynolds brings world history in to relate with the little things we do everyday; Mr. Duncan is just my favorite teacher; Mrs. Rhodes is extremely passionate about the subject she teaches and is determined to teach all she can; and Mrs. Klumph is able to make me understand anything and everything having to do with math. The bus ride home wasn't bad either. I can already tell, this is going to be an amazing year :)
Normenne (Big Sis)
9/9/2011 22:12:27

I love you Janessa glad you enjoy school so far mrs rhodes is a great consuler and she'll help you throught everything you can always talk to her when stressed and reynolds is an awesome teacher as well :) I know you'll be an amazing student and amount to alot. I'm always proud of you <3


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