Last night was a fundraiser for the AVP kids to go to a five-day conference in Seattle in March.We hosted a dance, and although I usually despise dances with a burning passion, I actually had a lot of fun at this one. Before the dance started, we all rocked out to some music. Dancing with Tasha and Sabrina was pretty darn fun. Then I had to be the money-taker, which was a lot of fun too. It was interesting to see all the different faces entering the dance. Our bouncer was pretty silly too :p There weren't a whole lot of people who showed up, but I think we still made a good start for our conference fund :)

As of right now, I am completely caught up in all the work I missed while away in D.C.. I've been at it since ten this morning, took a break at noon to go driving with my grandfather(he said I did really well, we're both now comfortable with me operating a motorized non-stick shift vehicle)then went right back to work. Then I took a two hour break to to play the Sims 3, and then I went to work again. Not including break/meal times, I have put in 13 hours of my day to get caught up on geometry and algebra 2 homework. I never, ever, want to miss a week of school again. Ever. Except for during my senior year when I'm hoping to be an outdoor school counselor.

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Alright, so I am back from D.C., and I'm not going to lie; When I came back to school today, I was absolutely dreading all the homework I have to catch up on. Apparently, I had good reason too. I have twelve chapters to read for Honors English, two chapters to read for World Studies, vocab for both of those classes, and in the most literal way possible, two stacks of math homework this thick: I                          I

On the bright side, I picked up an application for a veterinary hospital that's hiring high school students today. I was worried that the job would be snatched up while I was away, but it's still available. I've spoken to the woman hiring a couple of times, and I'm pretty sure I have a good chance of getting this job. I would only be working three days a week, not on weekends, and for only a couple of hours after school. It would leave me plenty of time for speech and debate and the huge load of homework I have every night. I'd be getting paid minimum wage, and after three months(if I get the job) my performance will be reviewed and I could get a raise. Cross your fingers for me!
Today was my first day back at school, and it was amazing. I love all of my classes, not necessarily because of the subjects, but because of the teachers. Mr. Reynolds brings world history in to relate with the little things we do everyday; Mr. Duncan is just my favorite teacher; Mrs. Rhodes is extremely passionate about the subject she teaches and is determined to teach all she can; and Mrs. Klumph is able to make me understand anything and everything having to do with math. The bus ride home wasn't bad either. I can already tell, this is going to be an amazing year :)
Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to get my schedule changed, so here it is. I guess it isn't that bad.

World Studies~ Reynolds
Advanced Video Production~ Duncan
Honors English~ Rhodes
Algebra 2~ Klumph
Geometry~ Dias